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Summer Practice Schedule

Friday, June 24, 2011
Taiko practice for the summer is the same as our schedule before; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7-10pm in the taiko room. Summer practice is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it to those interested in joining in the fall or planning to become performing members! Also, due to a couple of important shows coming up in August, Wednesday practices may prioritize performing members once again. Just as practice during school session, do not see this as a discouragement to attend this day. This is an opportunity, especially for those aspiring to become performing members, to practice learning the songs we perform by watching, listening, and shadowing on the sideline. Keep in mind, it is not often so many of the performing members are in attendance on any other practice day during the summer. All we ask is for your attention and serious attitude/interest towards taiko. But other than that, we wish you all a great summer and hope to see you at practice! :)


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